The LOTUS+ partnership is composed of 20 partner institutions from Southeast Asian (11) and European countries (9)

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Southeast Asian Partners

NameCountryPromotionUseful information
SCU Sichuan University
Co-coordinating Institution
RUA Royal University of Agriculture Cambodia
RUPP Royal University of Phnomh Penh Cambodia
NJU Nanjing University China
PKU Peking University China
UGM University Gadjah Mada Indonesia
YAU Yezin Agriculture University Myanmar Useful information
PUST Pyongyang University of Science & Technology North Korea
TU Thammasat University Thailand
HUST Hanoi University of Science and Technology Vietnam
HU Hué University Vietnam


European Partners

NameCountryPromotionUseful information
UU Uppsala University
Coordinating Institution
UGENT Ghent University Belgium
VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel Belgium
UPS Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III France
UGOE University of Goettingen Germany
UL University of Limerick Ireland
RUG University of Groningen Netherlands
UP University of Porto Portugal Useful information
UKC University of Kent United Kingdom